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Schedule overview

Space Camp

The lottery is finished and all workshop spots have been filled. You can still  sign up for the waitlist or buy a party pass.


Friday, May 17: 9pm-3am @
Anomalie Art Club

Saturday, May 18: 9pm-4am @

Sunday, May 19: 9pm-2am @
Bildungs- und Kulturzentrum Peter Edel

Afterparty 2:30am-5:30am @
Lichtraum Berlin

Monday daytime hang-out @ TBD
(outside if the weather permits)


Saturday, May 18, 1pm-6pm
Sunday, May 19, 1pm-6pm

8 hours of workshops @

min 4 hours with Flouer Evelyn & Mark Carpenter
up to 4 hours with surprise teachers

The workshops are sold out, and it is no longer possible to sign up for the waiting list

Teacher Training

with Flouer Evelyn &  Mark Carpenter

Schedule and Info

Tuesday, May 14 (evening) - Sunday, May 19 (evening)

Sliding scale 540 - 620 €

We are currently looking to fill one spot, apply here

More information below

Space Camp

Come and join us in Berlin for a weekend of dancing, workshops and parties, the ultimate quest through the world of partnered dance.

Three nights of dancing your space boots off and two days of workshops (8 hours) in wondrous Berlin from May 17-19.

Workshops will be taught by Flouer Evelyn and Mark Carpenter, joined by some surprise teachers - and will focus on bringing that extra bit of magic to your fusion dancing.

In the evenings, we’ve planned a dancing quest for you. Our DJs and venues (and all the lovely dancers) will take you on a journey through outer space and back again. Our venues sport Berlin club vibes, a waterfront sunset and finally a rooftop sunrise.

While all workshop spots have been filled and our waiting list is full, you can still buy a party pass.

Venues & Parties


Oudenarder Straße 16-20, 13347 Berlin
Gebäude A, 2. OG, Treppenhaus A8

Wooden floor, NO street shoes!
Showers available

Friday Party @ Anomalie Art Club (9pm-3am)

We are so glad to dance with you in this yet not-very-known Berlin Off-Location with its stunning architecture and interior design. It’s a gallery, a garden, a club, a restaurant, a film location … and our first base to leave Earth and go on a big adventure through space. But before we do so, we need to have a countdown and a lift-off party to send us off into the sky.

The Area is industrial, you’ll find Anomalie Art Club well hidden in a small sidestreet behind a huge black fence!

Drinks can be purchased at the bar only
Concrete floor
Security at the Door

Storkower Str. 123, 10407 Berlin
7 min walk from S-Bahn Landsberger Allee.
Venue website (external)

Saturday party @ bebop (9pm-4am)

Bebop will be our host for the Journey through space, meeting other fusion-dancing species. The arty alien-warped light constructions accompany our journey through time and space. Situated with a lovely view over the riverside of Berlins’ Spree we can dance indoors and outdoors if the weather allows. If you want to, come and join us as a space explorer, regular asteroid-dweller, or even a not-so-humanoid extraterrestrial.

Area: lively area with bars, restaurants and take-away-food

Pfuelstraße 5, 10997 Berlin
U Schlesisches Tor / S / M10 Warschauer Str.
Venue website


Drinks can be purchased at the bar only.
Wooden floor
No street shoes

Sunday party @ Bildungs- und Kulturzentrum Peter Edel (9pm-2am)

We round off the journey through space and return to good old Earth in the historic flair of a big ballroom and its 100 years of history, which started in 1883. You can see pictures here from those former days. Celebrating a successful journey (maybe with a few new friends from other worlds), we lavish in the splendour of what Earth has to offer.

Area: located near Weissensee in a mostly living area, some nice restaurants around Antonplatz

Wooden floor
No street shoes
You are free to bring your own drinks

Berliner Allee 125, 13088 Berlin
Tram 4, 12,13 Stop "Weißer See"
Venue website

Sunday afterparty @ Lichtraum Berlin (2:30am-5:30am)

To fully incorporate the outer terrestrial experience of our quest, this is the space for decompression, dancing, and relaxing until the sun shows up and brings us the glimmer of daylight. If you can't let go yet, you can also imagine it's another star, and you have decided to keep living on another planet for a while longer :)

Area: located 10min walk from Bildungs- und Kulturzentrum Peter Edel


Bizetstr. 41, 13088 Berlin
10 min walk from the other Sunday venue
(Tram stop Antonplatz / S-Bahn Greifswalder Strasse)
Venue website

Dance into the sunrise at the rooftop
Wooden floor
No street shoes

Monday daytime hangout @ TBD (1pm-6pm)

To round off our trip through space, we'll get together on Monday for a collective come down in a park or a cozy dance studio (if the weather isn't nice enough).

Location and area TBD (our favourite park spot is under construction)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fusion Dance?

What is fusion dance? It's a coming together and connection. Moving to music and community. It's mixing dance styles in communication with your partner and the music. It works, trust us.

To read a description by Flouer Evelyn follow the link
For a short documentary on fusion dancing

What if I don’t dance fusion yet?

The workshops will be suitable for those who already have some partner dance experience in some dance form, or those who are comfortable movers. If you are an absolute beginner looking to dip your toes in, we recommend testing out a social or some dance classes first.

What will the music be like?

We will have Djs from the fusion dance community playing a range of music from many musical styles.

Is there a dress code?

No, we don't believe in dress codes. We'd like you to show up in a way that expresses who you are or want to be for that night! If that lines up with our party themes, great! But if not, we're equally happy to have you along for the journey.

How are the tickets priced? What is the sliding scale?

Ticket pricing is on a sliding scale. The standard ticket price is what we have calculated that lets us run this event and break roughly even. Those who are able to pay a little more help support those who are only able to participate by paying a little less.

Fusionauts' Space Camp (Workshop Sat/Sun and 3 Parties) ticket price €150 -> sliding scale €120-€220

Fusionauts' Quest (3 Parties-Pass) ticket price €100 -> sliding scale €80-€180

What if I still need financial assistance?

Tick the box asking for further help, and we’ll reach out. If we have extra support from people paying on the upper end of the sliding scale, we may be able to provide some additional partial scholarships/discounted places.

Refunds/Cancellation Policy

Please contact us directly if you cannot come - the earlier, the better.

Space Camp - Full Passes and Party Passes

Tickets are only refundable until 2 weeks prior to the start of the event. After that it is not possible to get a refund; however, we will be running a waiting list and if there is anyone on the waiting list, we can offer your ticket to them. You will be responsible for organising payment between you and the person taking over your ticket.

Tickets are generally not transferable; the only exception is to transfer your ticket to someone on the waiting list during the last 2 weeks prior to the start of the event (see above). A transferred ticket cannot be passed on at a price higher than the one originally paid.

Teacher Training

Refunds are available up to one month prior to the start of the training. After this it may be possible to provide a refund in the case that the organisers are able to offer your place to someone on the waiting list for the teacher training. The ticket is not transferable.


Fusionauts’ Quest needs you! This event wouldn’t be possible without all the great vibes brought by our dancers, but also not without their help to keep things running. We’ll be asking people who would like to help out with a door shift or registrations, DJing, bringing snacks, helping us clean up at the venues and some other small tasks. We’ll be asking you in the registration form what you might be interested in helping out with.

Food and Drink

We encourage everyone to bring their water bottle with them (particularly to the workshops). Drink are available for sale at the Friday and Saturday party venues.

Around most of our venues there are plenty of options for buying food/dinner and fueling yourself for dancing.We will be coordinating volunteers to bring some snacks to nibble on for some of the parties.


Our facilities are not child-friendly, so we think it’s best to organise another caretaker for the workshops and parties. If this is absolutely no option for you, but you want to come anyway, please get in touch first.

What can I do during the day if I have a party pass?

Explore Berlin (or sleep). We’ll have an opt-in Telegram channel for all participants to connect with each other.

Will there be hosting?

We won't be organising hosting for the event. However we will set up an unmoderated Google sheet where people can ask for/offer hosting, or share AirBnBs.

Who are going to be the surprise teachers?

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we told you, would it?

Do you have a code of conduct and a care team?

By signing up to our festival, you agree to be bound by our code of conduct. Just below, you will find some information about our Space Team, who will support the event and its participants

Flight Crew


Originally from the land of Oz, Lucy brought her background in Ballet, Physiotherapy and Pilates to the European dancing scene in 2018, where she started organising soon after (she/her).



A long-term Berlin organiser, Nadja knows the city like no other. Her love for fusion dancing is matched by her skills as a DJ, which she has brought to festivals all over Europe (she/her).


In another episode of his life as dancer errant, Robin’s passion for fusion has issued a call to organise a festival in a big city far from the mountains he currently calls home (he/they).

Space Team

Eva and Lizzie are kindly leading our space team. Together with several other wonderful human beings, they are available if you want support with something that would help you have a better time at our event. You're more than welcome to approach them and figure out together if you want their help.



Lucky enough to call Freiburg her chosen home, Eva loves to plant seeds for safer communities and to provide scaffolding for tuning in with oneself and connect in ways that feel nourishing and provide opportunities for growth (she/her).



Always looking for new adventures to live and to provide, Lizzie is excited about doing so in the Fusionauts’ Space Station and looks forward to co-crafting the best of environments for exploring outer and inner space (she/they).

Teacher Training

Six days of exploring the skills of teaching fusion dance, organizing classrooms, and developing curriculum. Two of those days will be at a weekend festival where you will get the opportunity to analyze classes with our trainers and possibly even teach alongside them. The training starts on the evening of May 14, and ends at the evening of May 19. Pricing is on a sliding scale 540 - 620 Euros, and includes entry to all parties and workshops at the "Space Camp" weekend festival.

What to expect

→  A small group of peers to exchange ideas with 
→  Some systems on how we think about fusion dancing
→  Ideas on how to structure curriculum
→  Develop your facilitation and classroom management skills 
→  Lots of feedback and learning from peers 
→  Practice teaching in small groups

Your trainers

Mark & Flouer have both been teaching fusion since the days before it was called fusion. They have been instrumental in both developing strong local scenes and spreading fusion dancing to other communities by teaching internationally. Through all this time they have each developed their own ideas about what fusion dance is and how to teach it, and they are ready to share it with you.

Read more about Flouer
Read more about Mark’s Fusion Academy

This training is not about you being told exactly what content you should be teaching, but
to help you discover your own values of what fusion dancing can be and to develop your skills for sharing this with others. Mark & Flouer hope to help bring out your individual superpowers and give you some polish so you can shine. 

How to apply

→  First round of applications is closed.
→  Second round of applications is closed.

We currently have a last-minute spot open. You can apply for it here

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this event for established teachers only?

No, you do not need to have prior teaching experience to apply. Becoming a good teacher is a journey that lasts for a while, but needs to start somewhere, and we’d be happy for the teacher training at Fusionauts’ Quest to be that spot for you. When we distribute spots, we try to have peers with similar levels for everyone, so please give us an accurate estimate of your experience. 

How much experience as a dancer do I need to participate?

Your goals as a teacher should match with your dance experience, and when you start your teaching journey you only need to be one step in front of those you will be teaching. You can ask yourself  how comfortable you will be with people looking at you for guidance in their own dance journey. If you feel in doubt about your skills as a dancer, building confidence in your dancing would be a good place to start, and maybe a teacher training is exactly right for that purpose.

Do I need to be a fusion dancer/teacher, or can I come to the training if I have no experience with fusion?

We’re looking for (aspiring) teachers that are interested in teaching Fusion- this includes having a mindset that is in line with the ideas of a dance that bridges dance styles and transcends boundaries of genre. In your application, let us know what draws you this dance form, and why you would like to branch out into it. If we think there is a good fit between what we can offer and what you are looking for, we might have a spot for you.

How much of the curriculum is dance training, how much is learning how to teach?

That depends a bit on the final composition of the group of learners. Part of the training will be in the form of tools/skills/frameworks of high-level detailed dance training — which you can use to level up your own skills, as well as content to pass on to your future students. The other part will be teaching-oriented with lots of practice and direct feedback, guidance and peer-support. The balance between those will depend on the group and their needs, but will range from 25%/75% to 75%/25%.

Is this event useful for fusion organizers?

We are focusing on teaching and facilitation skills for fusion classes, not the skills of finding venues, advertising, or other organizing skills. However, if you are interested in starting a scene from scratch but don’t have anyone to teach regularly, this week will help you learn how to structure and frame local practice groups so you and your peers can train up together.

Are there scholarships available?

We do not have a formalized scholarship program, but we take into account that people’s means vary. We’ve set our pricing on a sliding scale to acknowledge this. Depending on how the registration process plays out, we may be able to offer some additional support. If you want to attend, but wouldn’t be able to without additional financial support, we encourage you to apply and to use the open field in the application to let us know your situation.

Venue for the teacher training


Milastrasse 4
Berlin 10439 DE

Wooden floor
Showers available