Code of Conduct

Fusionauts’ Quest is a fusion dance event, where we will learn, teach, and dance together. In order to have a wonderful time, we ask you to respect the framework of this event and the comfort zones of other participants. We want to create a space where all participants can feel welcome and safe. To help us make that happen, here are some points we would like you to keep in mind when you join us. 

Respect your own and other people’s physical and emotional boundaries and wishes. Take responsibility for making transparent where your preferences and limits lie. Dancing together is not an invitation for unwanted physical intimacy, on or off the dance floor. 

Take responsibility for your actions, and be aware of how they affect others.  Show respect and tolerance for other people’s opinions, beliefs, and ways of being — we see dancing as an invitation to tolerance and generosity. Still, it’s okay to say “no” to any interaction for any reason.

Dance roles are not tied to gender identities and expressions. It is polite to check in with your partner about their preferred role before dancing. Be gentle with your partner’s body and be mindful of those around you while dancing.

Take care of yourself and of others. This includes maintaining personal hygiene, avoiding strong odours – artificial and natural, staying home when ill, and knowing your limits concerning alcohol and other substance use. 

Loud music can damage your hearing, so we make sure that the volume is set at levels that are not damaging even when dancing the whole night. Still, be aware of your own limits and bring ear plugs if you are sensitive to loud sounds.

Please note that any form of harassment or unsafe behaviour may lead to exclusion from the event. If you experience or witness any behaviour that crosses your boundaries or makes you feel uncomfortable please approach the organisers or care team. If it seems like someone is in need of help or might be feeling left out: see if you can reach out to them in some way, possibly with the assistance of a team member.

Thank you for being excellent humans. We look forward to welcoming you at Fusionauts’ Quest!

Adapted from: Bear Blues Exchange Berlin and Black Forest Fusion Code of Conducts.